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Conair MDF2R Facial Sauna With Timer

Conair MDF2R Facial Sauna With TimerThis unit can be used to steam open pores for cleansing skin and to steam open clogged nasal and sinus passages. The versatility comes from two translucent, blue, plastic cones. The large cone is 6-3/4 inches wide and has a flared, open side to accommodate the face, chin, and neck for cleansing. The small cone is 3-1/2 inches wide, so steam is directed into the nose where it can be breathed in during allergy and cold season. Operating the steamer is simple: using the included measuring tube, pour tap water into the power base's reservoir; twist on and lock into place either of the tubes; switch on the unit with the on/off button; and wait about three minutes for the water to heat. For controlled cleansing sessions there's a timer than can be set from 3 to 15 minutes. And for safety the unit automatically shuts off after 45 minutes. --Fred Brack

Customer Review: Great buy!

Very relaxing way to spend a couple of minutes. Bought it for acne control can't tell if its working. At the very least its relaxing and clears up stuffy noses, just got sick recently. It does get VERY HOT though, enough to make breathing a bit painful, I found having my mouth half in and half out while I breathed through my mouth helped.

Customer Review: Conair MDF2R Facial Sauna With Timer - Good Value, Nice Unit, Could be Better

The Conair MDF2R Facial Sauna With Timer is a nice product for steaming your face. The size is large enough for most people with small to medium sized faces, though many will have to adjust their heads side to side to get even steaming all around. This is a product that will most likely be used more by women than men, and the face cup seems to be designed with that in mind.

I purchased this as a gift for somebody. While they enjoyed it, it ended up being one of those items that gets infrequent use. I started using it after that. After doing some testing on it myself, I found that there were some good things about it and some that could be improved.


+ Very fair list price and a good value for the mix of functions

+ Seems to work relatively well, depending on your needs

+ Nice compact size

+ Simple controls are intuitive to figure out

+ Decent amount of steam is produced quickly

+ Timer feature and auto-shut-off will be a pluses for some

+ Extra sinus attachment may be useful for some

+ Both the normal steamer or sinus attachment help to relieve congestion

+ 2 year warrantee is quite generous given the price


- The face brush doesn't produce enough friction to really perform deep cleaning

- More heads on the brush would have also been nice

- The unit little water, requiring most people to refill it to finish a session

- Difficult to position yourself for comfort and full coverage

- The edges of the bowl could have been better designed for comfort

I am not sure if larger units that hold more water for steaming are sold here. This unit requires refills for a single session. That can be distracting when you are trying to use this alone. The face brush includes two small heads for cleaning and moisturizing, but doesn't seem extremely effective. Yet newer versions of the brush concept may not necessarily be better than a washcloth to gently clean away dead layers and dirt from your face.

This item works, but there are alternatives. The jury is still out on similar tools, even those with wider cleaning heads like the Neutrogena Wave Deep Clean Foaming Pad. Even tools like the Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Kit may deserve consideration for cleaning out problem areas. More established tools like the Clarisonic PRO Professional Skin Care System have prohibitively high price tags.

Many will find that the steam helps not only with skin care but also with opening the sinuses. Higher end steamers are also hard to find, but if you are primarily looking for something to aid your sinuses the Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler is probably worth looking into. Finally, the number of creams and other cleansers that may achieve similar results without steaming is almost infinite.

If you need steam at the cheapest price, this unit is a good consideration. If you want a little bit more comfort and capacity you may want to try another product.


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