Senin, 29 Desember 2008

Large Steel Safe with Alarm

Large Steel Safe with AlarmKeep all your precious valuables safely stowed away with this sturdy steel safe from Schylling. A great way for your little one to start learning valuable lessons in savings, this safe includes a coin slot, catch drawer, a two-number combination and an alarm.

Customer Review: Don't Buy!

I got this safe and it broke within a week. Also, the "alarm" is extremely annoying. Don't even think about keeping anything valuable in here because the lock does not work at all.

Customer Review: NOT so great...

I just received this product in the mail to give to my 9 year old daughter for Christmas, upon opening it, the item looks great, very sturdy looking, then I tried to turn the dial and it was rather hard to turn once it was opened the bell alarm went off constantly until the door is closed.. how annoying, I guess this is not the item I was looking for and am at this moment packing it back up to return it..
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