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EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles

MEnjoy the thrill of real night vision technology with EyeClops Night Vision stealth goggles! These super stealth goggles allow kids ages eight and older to see in absolute darkness using infrared illumination so they can explore the dark landscape around them. These fun goggles are the perfect companion for slumber party sleep-overs or camp-outs.

Red LEDs can be turned on or off for maximum surveillance or for stealth. View larger.

Soft rubber ensures a secure and comfortable fit. View larger.
What We Think

Fun Factor:


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The Good: Experience the thrill of real night vision technology.

The Bad: The display screen will leave you wanting more.

In a Nutshell: A fun and entertaining toy that will keep older kids entertained for hours.
At a Glance

Ages: 8 and up
Requires: 5 AAA batteries
Darkness Is Your Ally...
With the EyeClops Night Vision goggles, your child can explore dark environments with advanced infrared technology. Set-up is easy. Simply insert five AA batteries into the battery pack at the back of the head-set, and slide the power switch to turn on the goggles. Once the screen display lights up inside of the right eye-piece, you can fit the goggles to your child's head by adjusting the soft rubber straps around top and sides.

EyeClops Night Vision goggles come equipped with a hinged, flip-up eye-piece that can be opened when the goggles are turned off, or closed when the goggles are in use. Your child can choose between the maximum surveillance mode which emits a barely-visible ring of red LEDs around the eyepiece so they can see up to 50 feet in absolute darkness, or go for the stealth mode to remain completely invisible while they explore the dark landscape immediately around them. A small switch on the side of the goggle head-set allows them to switch from a black-and-white to a green screen display.

Enhance Your Nighttime Stealth Operations
The futuristic design of the durable plastic head-piece adds to the fun of these exciting night vision goggles. Soft rubber molding around the goggles and adjustable straps across the top and sides makes them comfortable and easy to wear.

While the EyeClops Night Vision goggles provide a crisp, clear image of dark landscapes, they should always be used under adult supervision. Because the display screen is small and provides limited peripheral vision, these goggles should only be used in environments that are free of potential tripping hazards. As a nice safety feature, the goggles' handy flip-up eye-piece over the left eye provides immediate access to normal vision if your child becomes disoriented or needs to take a break from viewing through the small display screen located in the right eye-piece.

Durable and lightweight, these fun goggles work so well that you might just find yourself borrowing them from your child so you can have your turn enjoying some super stealth, covert nighttime missions of you own!

What's in the Box
EyeClops headpiece with goggles, battery pack and adjustable straps.

Customer Review: I'm a member of the broken clip club

The product looks like it is durable but don't be fooled. One of the side clips broke trying to get this out of the packaging! If it broke that easily how long will it last when in use??? Like many others I spent 20+min attempting to get it out of the packaging and was unable to do so without breaking the plastic clip. I attempted to contact Jakks directly to get a replacement clip, only to be frustrated again by having to leave messages (which were never returned). I decided to keep trying and after 5 more phone calls over several days I finally got a human. When I expained the problem, they admitted that there has been a lot of complaints and they are looking at redesigning the piece. They were more than willing to ship me replacement ones...

As far as the night vision goes it appears to work just fine. My son has not been able to use it hands free (due to the broken clip) but likes it. The 'vision' is only in the right eye...

If you buy it BE VERY CAREFUL taking it out of the box. If you are lucky you'll get it out without breaking the clip!

Customer Review: this toy is great

this product was awesome. My Grandson loved it and said it was his best present ever.....Good service through Amazon as well. Had no problems getting this product and it came really fast. Thanks Amazon I will shop here again.
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