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The Wave Original Street Surfing Board

The Wave Original Street Surfing BoardEveryone's talking about the Wave street surfer inline action board, which blends the sensations of surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding in a single fun design. The Wave--which runs on two wheels rather than four--gives you the ability to perform precision 360s in small spaces, carve downhill, and even ride uphill, making it a blast for riders of all ages. And, of course, riders can perform all manner of skating tricks, including manuals, board leaps, ollies, acid drops, kick flips, and more. The Wave is distinguished by a spring-oriented torsion bar that controls the flexible front and rear panels, along with a pair of fully rotating 360-degree wheels with ABEC-5 bearings. Once on the board, the rider merely twists his or her hips back and forth in an S-shaped motion to propel down the street, with no foot propulsion required. Even better, it takes only a few minutes to learn how to ride the Wave. Within a few hours, most riders will become proficient.

Riders needn't worry about the Wave's durability, as the platforms are made of a virtually indestructible ABS plastic, while the steel torsion bar never wears down. In addition, the 77mm wheels were selected based on a tenuous balance of durability and traction. The Wave measures 35 by 9 by 5 inches (W x H x D), weighs 10 pounds, and carries a one-year warranty.

The Wave is distinguished by a spring-oriented torsion bar that controls the flexible front and rear panels, along with a pair of fully rotating 360-degree wheels with ABEC-5 bearings.

Key Details:

  • Flexible platform for sharp turns and 360s
  • Two wheels with ABEC-5 bearings that rotate 360 degrees
  • Self-propelled
  • Helps improves balance, strength, and agility
  • Combines surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding
  • Measures 35- by 9- by 5 inches
  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • 250-pound weight capacity

About The Wave
The Wave is the original Street Surfing board and the hottest inline action board. The Wave appeals to everyone, thanks to its innovative technology that combines the natural fluidity of surfing with the smooth maneuverability of snowboarding and skating into one new extreme board sport known as Street Surfing.

The Wave is an inline action board with two wheels that rotate 360 degrees, giving the rider the feeling and flexibility that is normally reserved for surfers and snowboarders. The Wave is also becoming popular with skaters who like the board's ability to do tricks, sharp turns, 360s, and the fact that the rider s feet never touch the ground. The board is propelled using core movements of the body, making for an excellent workout on top of being just plain fun. Learning to ride The Wave is easy and it doesn't require any prior skating, surfing, or snowboarding skills. It only takes about 15 minutes to become proficient.

Street Surfing on The Wave offers the rush that riders get from surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding yet it is easy to do right in your own driveway. The Wave is so much fun that most riders don't even realize that Street Surfing is great exercise. The Wave works the core muscles and helps to build strength and improve balance. Not only is The Wave great exercise and easy to learn, it is also affordable and portable as you can take The Wave board just about anywhere.

Customer Review: The Skate Board For A Blader

TOTALLY AWESOME! The wave carves, slides, moves sideways, and even does 360 Degree turns! The maneuverability on this thing is amazing! It can easily change direction, almost literally on a dime!

I've had this for about a month, and it is an awesome product. I've found it to be fun no matter where you use it, though going uphill is especially tiring. I like the way it carves down hills, and it manages to pick up speed well. In terms of color, I'd recommend this black one, as it is uncommon, and other people with wave will be awed by the pitch black. It's also just plain cool!

The only problem I have, is like may other users, The wheels run out very fast. If you do not plan to buy extra wheels, do not buy this! The back wheel runs out much faster than the front, which leaves the ride feeling lopsided, leaning backward. The wheel doesn't run totally out, it just grinds flat, and becomes slippery and hard to turn on. I have had the same wheels for about a month, and it works fine, except for the few problems mentioned above.

Over all, Great product, But be ready to buy extra wheels.

Customer Review: Sure Hit

Your 9-13 year old son will love this product. It is easy to learn and fun to ride. Good exercize and my kids have never gotten hurt using it. It seems like the design makes it much safer than a skateboard.
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