Jumat, 26 Desember 2008

Harry Potter Wand with light and sound

Harry Potter Wand with light and soundThe magic continues! Give Harry a hand with this deluxe magic wand. Motion activated, wood-grain plastic wand features a light up tip and 3 magical movie sounds. Requires 2 "AA" batteries (not included). 14".

Customer Review: My son is inseparable from this wand.

My seven-year-old son loves this wand, though you should know he listens to the Harry Potter series on tape from the library ALL THE TIME. We ordered it for his birthday after receiving an Amazon gift certificate. We read the reviews that said it was piece of cheap plastic c**p, so that's what we were expecting. It did not break right away, but the light stopped working after about a week's constant use. I took apart the body of the wand and taped the wire back in place with electrical tape, and it has worked fine for the past two months. Being the only toy, in the history of my two children, that wasn't ignored after a few days, I would say it is easily the best value for the money in toyland that we've experienced. (Though, to be honest, it is a hunk of cheap-looking plastic, and the noise will drive you crazy.)

Customer Review: Much better than expected

This is a suprisingly entertaining and durable toy enjoyed by my 9 year old daughter. It is a solid feeling molded plastic wand which makes one of a few sounds and light flash when it's sharply shaken or when it lightly touches something.
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