Senin, 29 Desember 2008

Crayola Glow Station can create with Light

Crayola Glow Station can create with LightThe Crayola Glow Station lets kids create cool, glowing masterpieces using a glow-in-the-dark, poster-sized canvas and one Light Wand with crystal-tip attachment for magical coloring effects. Supplies include 2 stencil sheets, 13 stencil "light-resist" shapes, 2 light texture sheets and one dry erase broadline marker.

Customer Review: What a bright idea!!

My kids love to draw and play in the dark, and with this they can do both at the same time, which is otherwise impossible. Good job, crayola!!

Customer Review: Glo in the dark writing

Alot of imagination for all ages. Not sure about the dry pen eraser, as it may be confusing to smaller children, because they cannot write on the canvas with it.
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