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The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring

The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the RingBased on J.R.R. Tolkien's masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is an epic adventure of good against evil, the power of friendship and individual courage. The saga centers around an unassuming Hobbit named Frodo Baggins who inherits a Ring that would give a dark and powerful lord the power to enslave the world. With a loyal fellowship of elves, dwarves, men and a wizard, Frodo embarks on a heroic quest to destroy the One Ring and pave the way for the emergence of mankind.

Customer Review: The quintessential fantasy.

Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Fellowship of the Ring is a good representation of Tolkien's original work, but it is also a very well-made movie. Just like Tolkien's book, The Lord of the Rings, has long been the standard to which most fantasy books are compared, I believe fantasy movies will be held against the movie trilogy for many years to come. (Be aware that this review may contain some SPOILERS).

One of the biggest criticisms I see about the movie is some of the changes made from the book. Yes, there is much more in Tolkien's book than is in the movie, but can it really be helped? For the most part the movie stays very faithful to the book. Yes, parts were left out (like the character of Tom Bombadil), but most of this was done so the immense work could fit into a movie. And even with the abridgement, the movie is still over three hours long. I caution audiences to keep an open mind and not think everything has to exactly match the book. It's okay to like them both.

Here are all the good things about the movie:

The cinematography is completely AMAZING. The locations were totally believable. I was awestruck by the beauty of Middle-Earth when I saw it on screen for the first time.

The special effects were incredible. Jackson and his crew went back to many of the techniques we have come to know as "movie magic". In most movies nowadays, computer-animated graphics seem so overused, but in Fellowship of the Ring it appeared to only be used as a last resort. (It was done very well, too. In watching some of the special features, I saw a couple effects that I would never have known were computer animated without it being pointed out to me).

The music in the movie is a richly colored tapestry interwoven into the movie. Howard Shore was able to create and convey many different moods and emotions with the score.

The sets, costumes, weapons, and props are all masterfully designed. They are believable, graceful, and beautiful.

The writing and acting are both fantastic. While the filming of the movie is great, they did not sacrifice writing for special effects. The dialogue in Fellowship of the Ring is very poetic and intelligent (yes, there is a movie out there with intelligent writing). And believe it or not, I didn't hear a single profane word spoken in the entire 3-hour-long movie.

The DVD has several hours of special features that are as entertaining as they are informative. I think audiences will be fascinated in seeing some of the processes involved in making The Fellowship of the Ring.

If you want to discover an immense and beautiful world you have never seen before, I recommend this movie to you.

Customer Review: Birthday Surprise!

Order said it would arrive within 6 days after shipment, but it arrived earlier, on my birthday!

Good condition, could tell some clean up had been done. Overall, a very good experience.
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