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Fisher-Price Mickey's Surprise Clubhouse

Fisher-Price Mickey's Surprise ClubhouseYoung fans of Mickey Mouse will enjoy playing with him and his friends in Mickey's Surprise Clubhouse. This Disney toy, designed for children ages 2 and up and based on the popular "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" animated TV series, lets kids imagine a variety of adventures for their favorite characters.

What We Think

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The Good: Toy encourages discovery and imaginative play in toddlers

The Bad: Toy's components sometimes separate during play

In a Nutshell: Toddlers can play with Mickey Mouse and friends in his fun, imaginative clubhouse

At a Glance

Ages: 2 years and up
Requires: 3 AA batteries, Phillips screwdriver to open battery compartment

The clubhouse is full of fun surprises. View larger.

Mickey and Minnie are ready to play. View Larger.
Find Adventure and Surprise with Mickey Mouse and Friends
The Clubhouse has plenty of fun activities and surprises for children to discover with the included characters. The Clubhouse comes with three compatible figures: Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, who both have movable arms and heads; and Pluto. (Although Donald Duck and Goofy are pictured on the box, they are sold separately.)

This Clubhouse toy is inspired by the setting of the TV series, complete with a "magical" front gate which, when opened, reveals a "surprise" path that leads to the Mouse-ear-topped stage. The stage has a designated pedestal for each character. When you place a character on his or her pedestal, you'll hear a variety of fun phrases, which you're likely to recognize if you're familiar with the TV show. For example, Mickey Mouse may say, "Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse," which is the magical phrase used to make the clubhouse appear in the television show. Pull the stage's red lever to hear the popular TV series song "Hot Dog Song."

The "lawn" in front of the stage has two levers. Pull one and a table pops up already set with a fun picnic for the figures to enjoy. Pull the other lever, and Pluto's doghouse pops up. Characters can go for a ride in the hot-air balloon or the little red car.

Entertaining Introduction to Imaginary Play
With its variety of activities, the Clubhouse gives kids the opportunity to imagine many adventures for Mickey Mouse and his friends, making it a perfect toy for children who have reached the stage of imaginary play in their development. The toy definitely got our 2-year-old tester's imagination going: she enjoyed not only playing with the Clubhouse and discovering its "surprises," but she also enjoyed making the figures interact with each other. And she went wild for the Hot Dog Song -- though she needed a bit of help with pushing the lever to listen to it over and over (and over!) again.

The toy comes with several components that slide easily together. They don't lock into place, which unfortunately makes the toy come apart somewhat easily during play. But on the plus side, it also makes for much easier set up and clean up. The Clubhouse requires three AA batteries, which are included. You'll need a Phillips screwdriver to replace them.

What's in the Box
Mickey Mouse Surprise Clubhouse with stage, base, hot-air balloon and support arm, car, and garage; Mickey Mouse figure, Minnie Mouse figure, and Pluto figure; 3 AA batteries included.

Customer Review: Good for a child that likes Mickey Mouse

This was a good gift for my two year old. The music is quite loud, but there is an on/off switch on the bottom. Not too much to this -- mostly the voices and the characters are what she likes.

Customer Review: Not worth it

I actually didn't buy this at Amazon but in a toy store. I was a little wary of buying it but my son picked it out. As I expected it does very little and everything comes apart and gets lost very easily. I dont know what Disney was thinking with this toy. Nothing interesting or educational about it. The only good thing is the hot dog song. It has a few cheesy buttons to push but nothing spectacular. Not worth your time.
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